My girl wants to party all the time

*Authors Note: I wrote this several days ago. I've been neglecting to post it, I don't know why. I'm not entirely sure people want to be reading about this shit, but it helps me to analyze and look for patterns in my own behavior by having it "in print". So if you're bored with this, I'm sure I'll write something else soon.*

Next on the list is OWC. Yes, OWC stands for something, but he knows what it stands for and he’s the type to Google it and find “my little corner of the internet”.

So, I happened to work with this gentleman. Yes, I know the “don’t shit where you eat” expression. He actually left for a new job shortly after our dalliance started (and for that matter ended).

At any rate, he asked for my phone number about a week before he left. And he called, and we hung out. It was alright for a few days.

Then, he called me at work to say hi. Except he was wasted. And it was 11:30 in the morning. And he was still wasted when we had plans later that day around 5:00.

I asked him why he did things like that. He informed me he “liked to party” and if I didn’t like that, tough shit, that was “who he was”. Oy.

It all went to hell in a hand basket a few days after that (approximately one week after the first date). He told me he really liked me and had told his family about me. Then he asked me to define our relationship.

I told him I wasn’t sure what I thought as it had only been about a week. He hung up and I kind of thought it was done. I was wrong.

He then proceeded to text me angry, incoherent messages at 7:00 am and couldn’t understand why I didn’t want to have “relationship” discussions on a jam packed el. The last text was at 8:00 on a Sunday morning asking where I was and why we couldn’t work things out.

Yep, add it to the list.


The Enabler said...

As your attorney, I am going to have to advise you to wake up early and immediately begin drinking. I find it is imperative for successful communication that all parties be on the same page. Which in this case means you should probably be drunk by noon. Then you can see where he is coming from...

Dysfunction Junction said...

See, that's why you're the lawyer and I sell parties.

Henceforth, please refer all inquiries to my attorney, The Enabler, Esq. (did I get that part right?)