Why yes my wall is pretty, it's stucco

So while having dinner with Daisy (and since she's my only reader, hi!!) we were discussing commenting on other bloggers blogs. We've both had moments of sheer glee when said blogger would respond to our comments.

And it got me to thinking. Theoretically, these Titans of the Blog World are ladies/men/whathaveyou too. Why was there nervousness about making comments to them?

And segway into my work with the Doc. Somehow, I always manage to put this boundary up around friends. I always think, "we're not good enough friends" & "why on earth would they want to know this".

As it turns out, part of being friends with someone, is that you DO in fact tell them things. Sometimes things that scare you. Sometimes scary things about your health.

And the thing is, I know this, but for some reason I've been holding people at arms length like a Heisman trophy winner. I worry that I'll come off as needy, so instead of sharing too much, I share almost nothing.

And that's hard...and that needs work and that's all for now.

If anyone is reading (hello again Daisy) I am working on the Winner List. In fact, tonight there was some choice discussion about the latest entry to the list.


The Namby Pamby said...

You have a second reader. And I don't have any problems leaving a comment.

Daisy Duke said...

But when the Titans of the Blog World leave comments or bring me up in their blogs, I do squee. I do. It is true.

And shut up. Lets share over lunch on tomorrow.

Random Real Estate said...

You have another reader in me.

Dysfunction Junction said...

Holy crap...three readers!! I'm really excited...squee...

I hope you'll all stick around. I'll try to make the drama at least funny.