Just a stranger on the bus...

So, here on Planet DJ, we're (yes, the royal we) not particularly pious. We prefer our Passover seders (if they occur at all) to be in the 10-15 minute range. This year, we will be forgoing the rehashing of plagues & door openings and all the like. I've decided to attend yet another networking event in the blind hopes that this will lead to new employment.

Here is my thought process for doing such (as related to my mother):

"I've decided to attend "blank society's" networking event on April 9. I figure there's no better way to celebrate the lord (jehovah, allah, vishnu-whatever) than to get a new job so I can stop cursing his ass"

Please don't yell at me about god, beliefs or whatever....this is "in my opinion" *shout out to Artful*


Alice said...

heh. this is why i like being nonreligious. the only reason i had to call my mom to ask if she'd be mad about me missing easter is because she uses it as an excuse to get us home for a family dinner... not to celebrate that other guy ;-)

Dysfunction Junction said...

Yeah, for me Passover is usually just an excuse to get my mother to make mass quantities of Haroset for me (that's apples, wine & cinnamon for all you non-chosen people. Hee)