So, a little bit of everything...

First things first. Last night Daisy & The Enabler and lil ol' me got to experience the joy that is the Blackhawks beating the pants off of our neighbors to the north. May our boys carry that momentum to Calgary with them because I'm not sure I can handle the anxiety that would come with a Game 7 (and since Detroit is already through, it's safe to root for the Chi now).

My imaginary husband's playoff beard is coming along nicely, but he needs a bit more time so....let's make it to round 2!!!!

Secondly, I'm SURE that everyone has been wondering what has become of the Doc (no doubt it has been keeping ya'll up at night).

I'm still "seeing" her once a month and we're working through some issues. Namely the place that shall not be blogged about. As most of you know, I have a less than perfect work environment. However, in light of everything that is occurring around us, it looks as though I'm there for the foreseeable future.

This poses a problem. The Doc and I are working on what I like to call the Triage. As in, if nothing will improve until I leave; how do we just stop the bleeding? Sooooo...in my "homework", here's what I've come up with:

I have to start leaving for lunch. Every day, I need to figure out a way to get myself a few moments of solace (or serenity, silence whatever).

I need to focus on other parts of my life. I'm going to start volunteering my time to some PR efforts because it's good for me and I need a bit more heft to my resume.

There are some more, but for the time being I'm keeping them to myself.

So, my dear readers (all 7 of you). Are there any little tricks you have to get yourself through a stressful day?

And so my pets, it's on to Game 6...let's all have a great week!


Nutmeg said...

Haha, are you looking for a job?? I'm in the health care policy industry...

It's been stressful for like...oh...say a year now. Leaving for lunch is a concept I'm not familiar with. Also, does that mean I would need friends to go out to lunch with?

Dysfunction Junction: said...

Why yes, I am looking. Need a Public Relations person? Heh. I kid, but not really.

I need to leave for lunch because my fakakta office likes to eat all together!! Yay! So we can chat about our love lives with co-workers!! Cause we're all friends!!

Alice said...

not only leave for lunch... try and spend your lunch hour (or lunch 15 mins, whatever) in the sun. even if it's cold outside. bring a book, and eat outside and absorb some natural light. that used to help me a LOT at a job that was.. er, crappy, shall we say?

LiLu said...

You're looking at it, darlin ;-) Your bloggies get me through the long days!

Nutmeg said...

Oh, I hate group lunch. In the vein of "guilty until proven innocent" I pretty much don't like people until they prove I should like them. This makes me sound like a biatch, but it saves me a lot of time/emotionally investment.

Wow, the time saving comment didn't make me sound any less like a biatch. I'm going to stop talking now.

Dysfunction Junction: said...

Oh ho...I could tell you some stories along the "guilty until proven innocent" lines. We'll have to chat.

And you're not a biatch. Ask around, I hate most people.

Fuck the haters. Wow, that's really angry sounding. Perhaps some ice cream will make me feel better.