nothing more than feeeeeliinngssss.

tried to find a photo that would be indicative of the emotions I'm feeling, but to no avail.

I felt the need to write this right now while my emotions are raw.


Ahem...excuse me.

My boys (and YES, they are MY boys) have gone as far as they can go. For this season, anyways.

And now I have to utter the phrase so often uttered by nearly every Chicagoan.

There's always next year. Jeebus, my skin crawls just typing it.

I am infinitely proud of how far the team as a whole (yes you Huet, you too. Don't listen to those haters). And though I am in the pits of despair right now; I feel like it's important to find the silver lining. So....here goes:

Imaginary Husband can shave his playoff beard. I think it's universally agreed upon fact that his was particularly heinous.

I am now closer to 2009-2010 season tickets. And next year? When they go all the way? My lily white ass will be there for all the madness

And to my dear, dear (you know who you are) friends who cheer for the team who shall not be mentioned. Since my momma taught me manners; congratulations on your win.

I've got some emotions to sort through, I should be right as rain soon.

It's on to the Finals and then to the Cubbies, which will most likely never factor on here again.

Here comes the Hawks, the mighty Blackhawks...

*quietly sobs*


Jo said...

You know, I would be all gloaty and such this morning, but I have a very bad feeling that if I were, it would come back to bite me in the ass next year. Your team is young and talented and will be so much better next season. You have so much to look forward to!

See how nice I'm being? This means that you have to pull for the Wings against those nasty Penguins ;-)

Alice said...

i don't actually know which sports team this is referring to. so.. um.. GO GIANTS (?)

LiLu said...

I'm with Alice. I'm sorry, though... and there IS always next year...

Dysfunction Junction: said...

I kind of love that I have internet-y friends who offer genuine condolences.

Annnnd I'm kind of embarrassed that the reason said condolences are being offered is because my favorite hockey team lost.