That's a negative ghost rider, the pattern is full.

Hey all...is everyone sick of me posting hockey player photos yet? To be honest, I've been posting them because I don't have anything else to write about. Nothing pithy, poignant or even snarky. Nada. Rien.

My life seems to have turned into one big holding pattern.

My work life is still massively unfulfilling and I've pretty much turned on the auto-pilot. I'm coasting. Unfortunately, I do not have the 8 hours a day "experts" recommend you devote to a job search. I am only able to search and apply when I get home (or on the weekends). I've networked the heck out of any and all connections. And yet, despite my very best efforts, I haven't even interviewed for anything in my over a year of searching.

My dating life, while "exciting" for about a day, has returned to status quo.

I am going on a much anticipated vacation next week, but even that seems like a blip on a horizon that seems to have no end. *Much love to my D.C. ladies: I promise to be in a much better mood when I arrive*

I can't see where any of this will change and that exhausts, terrifies and stuns me. Knowing the way that my life operates, I'm sure that when it does change (eventually it has to, RIGHT???!!!) everything will change at once. I'll figure out a way to cope with that when it happens; but right now, I just want something (anything) to change.

In the meantime, I'll grit my teeth like I always do and hang on. That's the only thing I know how to do anyways.

That and I guess I'll keep buying shoes.


adriana said...

So, I just found your blog because I absolutely loved the comment you left on Katie's page... and then I saw the title for this post and knew I'd like your blog! Just wanted to comment because I'm excited to have found it!

Dysfunction Junction: said...

Adriana: Glad you liked it. My comment was a little mouthy, but if you stick around you'll see, that I really can't help myself ;)

I'll do my best to keep it interesting.

Alice said...

it is my sovereign duty to provide the necessary turbulence get off autopilot ;-)

Dysfunction Junction: said...

Alice: I'm trying gurl. Here's hoping D.C. will provide the necessary jumpstart.

Maxie said...

shopping is always the best therapy. it can cure anything... heartbreak, hangover. Always does the trick.

Dysfunction Junction: said...

Maxie: I'm glad to see you're one of...well...me.