Everlasting Love

On Saturday I got to spend an hour or so chatting with one of my favorite peeps. We took a drive, giggled, you know....girl stuff.

One problem. We were trapped in my car for that hour or so. Stuck in what will now be referred to as, "Hell On Earth" (the artist formerly known as Air & Water Show traffic).

Oh yeah, and the A/C died on us about 30 minutes into that ride. Needless to say, we were, uh...moist (and not in a good way) when we finally arrived at our first destination. Except we had to then take a harrowing, life flashing before our eyes cab ride to go and meet the star of the evening, THE BACHELORETTE.

Despite some schwetty boobs and slightly limp hair, the evening was a rollicking success. Riiiight up until I almost got into a fight with a dude in a bar.

You see, at the "dancing portion of the evening" we met a few gentlemen. These gentlemen happened to be Pens fans. Despite our initial comradery over the MASTERY of the Red Wings, it all went sour (as all my relationships inevitably do).

And I quote,

"Hey! You're a Blackhawks fan?"
"Uh, yeah. That's putting it mildly".
"Heh...you owe me 20 cents".
"WHAAAATTTT?" (it was loud)
"You owe me 20 cents. You know, like Patrick Kane!!!"

*cue record screeching in my head*

Ahem. I shant speak of him again. He is dead to me.

One last tidbit:

It turns out I am yearning for some sort of human contact. What else can explain the fact that sometime around 4 am, THE BACHELORETTE woke up to find us holding hands? Trust me boys...it's way more adorable little girl than hot lesbian action.

I think this is wonderfully indicative of our friendship. I think it's one of the cutest things I've ever heard.

And to my lovely friend THE BACHELORETTE:

Congrats on everything! Could not happen to a more fantastic girl and a more wonderful couple.
(and don't forget to watch out for fuzzy navels)
I luuuurve you.


Random Esquire said...


I have a ridiculously busy week coming up but then...we need to get steak.

And you have to explain this day to me. Dude, YOU OWE ME 20 CENTS. Wtf?

Daisy, Just Daisy said...

You owe me 20 cents!!

(Also, I heard you are an awesome snuggler. Word on the street anyway.)

Alice said...

uh, i feel dumb. totally do not understand the 20 cent thing either. you crazy hockey types...

hee, the hand holding sounds awesome.

animalcrackers said...

Any news on the a/c yet? Not that being in a sauna on wheels isn't super fun.

LiLu said...

Lex and I should come visit. She is *quite* the spooner, let me tell you...

Marie said...

Amazing how the a/c will break down during the times it is needed most. That sort of sweaty is not sexy.

Dysfunction Junction: said...

RE: For shame! You live in Chicago and you don't know the 20 cents story?

Daisy: you would know ;)

Alice: the 20 cent thing is that Patrick Kane of the Blackhawks was arrested for beating up a cab driver in Buffalo.

AC: Um, yeah. I was supposed to bring the VDubs into the shop this morning. I forgot. I fail.

LiLu: And your flight arrives when?

Marie: Let me tell you how far away I was from sexy. Never have I seen hair go limp & frizzy fro at the same time. But it happened.