It takes two.

I have very few things that I don't tell people. Not even on purpose really. Just like I have parts of my life that I don't discuss a lot.

So, we're gonna discuss one right now. For about two years I danced Argentinian Tango. That was almost two years ago.

I don't know why I'm thinking of it all of a sudden. My body instinctively wants to brush my knees & ankles together. I have found myself rising to the balls of my feet and doing steps in my kitchen. And why wouldn't I?

Just look at how pretty my tango shoes are:

(Yes they are that high. They are also designed for Tango and are specifically balanced.
I can spend several hours in them)

I always felt so unlike myself when I was dancing. Not in a bad way mind you. In a "for some reason you are not awkward when you dance" kind of way. It just made sense to me. I understood the swaying, the rhythm in my chest. How I could close my eyes, walk backwards and feel totally balanced.

I'm not even sure I miss it...
I think I might miss the way I thought about myself when I was dancing. I miss the awe that I felt when I watched my instructors dance.

Well, see for yourself.

Here's an even more awesome one. Yes, she is 9 months pregnant!

Trust me when I tell you, they did not choreograph these. They just do it. And that's what's so amazing about Tango. Once you learn the steps, once you know your way around the floor, you just do it. You just hear the music and do what your feet & heart tell you to do.

So now you know. Yes, I think I can dance.


animalcrackers said...

You should tell people this! I am jealous. I look like a drunk polar bear having a seizure if I even try to dance. So just keep that in mind if you ever need a laugh.

Alice said...

DUDE. THAT IS SO HOT. people who can dance are awwwesome.

(also? you are officially not allowed to dance with mr AAMP, because he is also a Real Dancer and you would clearly win his heart with your moves. i've seen how this works in movies.)

Suburban Sweetheart said...

Um. This makes me like you even more than I already do.

Dysfunction Junction: said...

AC: Not possible...since we are the same person, perhaps if you just close your eyes (a la The Matrix) I can just pass the dance to you?

Alice: Um, I'm pretty sure the kind of dancing you're able to do will negate any dance-y feelings AAMP has for me. Cause yours? Is teh hotttttness.

SS: Why thank you bebeh...I heartz you too.