#pbandtuna was so epic it's now in Webster's Dictionary under epic

Wheeeeew. Well that was one helluva weekend.

I'm not the only one who attended #pbandtuna and is writing about it. G'head...check out the guest list

My weekend had a slightly different ulterior motive though. There was a journey at the beginning, which now looks as though it will be the beginning of a whole new journey. And I'm excited, nervous and scared all rolled into one.

Saturday was one of the most awesome and most shittastic days I've ever had. I got to lemur hang off mah laday Alice and we all know how happy that makes me.

I got to meet and subsequently make a new laday friend in Marie....and now I don't know how I got along without her.

And what of 12minds you ask? Well, he paid for my chili cheese fries and as many of you know, fake cheese is the way to my heart.

We all went to The Wedding together and HOLY MOTHER OF GOD was it awesome.

Riiiiiight up until it was time to leave. Then it turned so shitty, so fast. I don't really want to talk about it more, let's just say my driver's license, credit card, ATM card, health insurance card, Blackberry Bold, Canon Elph, Kiehl's lip balm and Tarte Danny & Sandy lip gloss (along with some of miz alice's possessions) have been.....ahem...."donated" to the universe.

Hey purse thieves. I'm on a first name basis with Karma, and yes she is a beeeeyotch and she will be coming for you.

Ahhhh....I feel much better now.

I love my D.C. peoples more than I can say here and I'm so looking forward to pbandtuna 2010 and I'm sure I'll see ya'll before then!

Congrats again to the Newlyweds!!!!


Lemmonex said...

Those f'ers will get theirs.

Marie said...

What comes around goes around and THEY WILL PAY DEARLY. Mofos.

I hearts you very much! Now come back to DC for some more shenanigans. Like lady centaurs. :)

Just A Girl said...


Wait. Love. Not rub. I'm creepy!

(Fake cheese gets me too.)

Dysfunction Junction: said...

Lexa my precious, you are nothing if not succinct & therefore fucking awesome (yeah, I just wanted to say that)

Marie my pet...Valentine's Day 2010 will be so effing sweetpickleballs we will DIE.

JAG...you're so frickin sassypants and you can rub me anytime.


f.B said...

I'm really sorry about your purse. It was way too early for anyone to drunkenly take it by mistake. Which means karma definitely owes you a reward and whoever took it a throatpunch or seven.

12minds said...

I hope that the awesomeness of the rest of the weekend helped balance out the suckiness that was the bastard purse-thief.

How about you come back to DC and we'll get a re-do? I hear you have some new fans over here.

Plus, I need to class it up and buy you more than just cheese fries, thus assuring a more favorable & slightly better 12minds-recap.

Alice said...

i think i've made it sort of abundantly clear already? but YAY HEE HEE I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU! uh, not about the purse, obvi.

(rip, blackberry and danny & sandy.)

i hope the november rumors are true because as FLIPPING EXCITED as i am for the chroniclesofboobia, i want some lemur hangin' before then.

Dysfunction Junction: said...

f.B. Oh the Karma, she's a coming for those fools. At least that's what I tell myself when I'm sobbing over my lost Blackberry.

12minds...the awesomeness of the rest of the weekend cannot be measured. I'm always game for a re-do. Just tell me where & when (and you needn't class it up...there will be plenty more 12minds related recaps, methinks)

Alice my bubbeleh...I'm pretty sure I know what you're happy about...and a big slobbery THANK YOU. November may not be possible, but so help me god I will be there for valentines/chroniclesofboobia whether or not a certain person is with me.

LiLu said...

Karma is a bitch... and a feisty one at that. She'll get them.

SO great to see you- we must get some QT next time. xoxo

Maxie said...

I'm still so angry about your freakin purse. Who would do that???

Either way, it was great to see you. Come back to dc soon!!

Dysfunction Junction: said...

To my favorite Newlyweds:

Ladies...thank you for being born so I could have an excuse to come to D.C. (well, maybe another excuse).

No worries about the purse...balance has been restored.

I'm hoping to get to see you both the next time I'm in town (Valentine's Day-ish, I think)