Aesop's Fables

Mmmm...pulled pork sandwiches. Yes, that is one of the first things I think of when I go to the hills. Barbecue.

I know everyone is waiting on pins & needles for a recap.

I had a wonderful time full of food & laughs. There was plenty of bad reality television watching and definitely not enough skiing.

There was also non-alcohol induced vomiting. I blame the several hours of watching Ruby and The Bachelor (sweet jeebus, was that an awful experience, they tell me people actually enjoy this Bachelor business).

As with La-a & Daisy's meetup, this vacation with a new friend could not have gone better. I mean, everything is good once you have a few inside jokes & catchphrases. I also got to spend some much needed time with my Pops & his ladyfriend. Although he and I get along better when we're not around each other constantly, I do miss the big lug.

Only one downfall...

This trip made me realize that my life is pretty good & I kinda like it. However, I did realize how much I really dislike my job.

How did I come to this you ask? Well, I pretty much figured it out when I burst into tears waiting for takeoff. And continued off and on until my Mom picked me up. The concept of having to return to my job was enough to put me over the edge and that scares the crapola out of me.

Yes, I recognize the fact that I am extremely lucky to have a job in this current economic environment. Does it change the fact that the one I have happens to be a soul-sucking one? Nope. But at least I've figured out that maybe there aren't as many changes that need to be made in my life. Maybe I just need ONE BIG ONE.

So, I'm going to push harder. I'm going to take on as many things that have to do with what I want to be doing. As many as I can find and as many I can do before I fall over from exhaustion. And then maybe some more....

So, lesson learned and it's time for better (and hopefully bigger paycheck) things.


Sophia said...

Hey DJ (yes, that would be YOU, Dysfunction Junction),

I was "blog hopping" and landed here for a moment...we definitely have a few things in common. Love the pic of the Happy Valley...beautiful!!! Haven't spent too much time in Vail, more the Silver Creek area.

Definitely could relate to your soul sucking job, although I guess for me, it's more the soul sucking people I work with...the job itself is okay. But, like you, I'm grateful for employment so I try to keep the whining down to a mere rumble.

I'm assuming if your dad has a ladyfriend, that your parents are divorced. Mine are as well and my dad just started dating. I'm having a hard time: a. seeing him with someone other than my mom, and b. seeing a woman look at him in "that" way. I guess it helps if you like the "ladyfriend"; I'm not crazy about this one...maybe it's me.

Good luck in your quest for a new career! See ya around!


Dysfunction Junction said...

Sophia: glad you're here. That brings my reader count to five, WOOT!

I'm not particularly bothered by my dad & his lady. My rents haven't been together since I was ten (and I'm well past ten) and they've been together for quite some time now.

Hope you keep reading. I'll do my very best to be (at least) funny.

Sophia said...

Do your dad & his lady live in Colorado? How cool would that be to always have a "cheap" vacation spot..and such a beautiful one!