Arrrrr matey!

So, here's a fun Saturday afternoon for ya!

I paid a visit to my friendly neighborhood optometrist because I needed more contacts. Also, as some of you may know, because I've been having some weird symptoms in my right eye.

For about three weeks I've had burning, watering and I've been really sensitive to light. It would not improve when I would remove said contacts, but it was never red & itchy, so I figured it would go away.

It didn't. Originally we figured it was a side effect from the new headache meds. Then we thought it was due to mold exposure from the leaky ceiling at work (a WHOLE nother story).

So fast-forward to today: my optometrist looks at my eye and informs me she's surprised I made it three weeks because I must be in a considerable amount of discomfort. Why yes, I am, thank you for noticing.

She then proceeds to inform me that said discomfort is due to a small bit of plastic that has become embedded in my cornea.

WHA??????!!!! Exsqueeze me?

And now? Basically now I'm sitting with a numb right eye after her removing said detritus with what I believe is the world's tiniest scalpel.

And that noise you hear? That would be my mother who hasn't stopped cracking up.