Why hello there! I've got a few new readers, which is dope. Hi new readers! A special shout out to the new reader who has their own blog but doesn't want to be mentioned, and look at that I lied and I'm mentioning. That's how I roll.

So, that was enthusiastic. A little bit outside my norm. Don't worry, here comes the shitstorm (hey, that rhymes).

I cried at work today. I am so overwhelmed right now what with doing the equivalent of four jobs and not getting to do what I was actually hired to do. I think the emotions didn't have anywhere else to go, so they came out my eyes. The palpable unhappiness over my work situation is starting to show. Apparently, I've gotten thin enough looking that Mom is concerned. I don't blame her. I have a bad habit of avoiding food when stressed. That's how you get to be 95 pounds in your senior year of college. Now, other people are starting to notice as well.

Quoth my hairdresser:
"You've gotten thinner since I've seen you last"

"I have?"

"Yeah, you look thin & a little tired. But...you know...not in a bad way."

"Oh thanks, I thought you were suggesting I look like the Crypt Keeper."

And I do look like the Crypt Keeper. I look tired. I am tired. I am so much more than just physically fatigued. I am emotionally exhausted. I have no idea how to claw my way out of this. I'm usually so good at coming up with solutions for things and I feel so inadequate because I simply do not know how to fix this.

Also, my refinance, which at one point was funny, has become an enormous disaster; spearheaded by a completely incompetent broker. And I just cannot deal.

So....I got that going for me. Since I'd like to close on a high: my beloved Hawks have made it through the first round and will be proceeding to Vancouver tomorrow. I have tickets to Game 6 of this round and the faboo Daisy will be accompanying me. Go Hawks!

And thanks to all ya'll out there for listening. It means more to me than I can say right now.


Nutmeg said...

I find that it helps to cry uncontrollably...to the point where you think you might have to go to the hospital because it's possible that you are not going to stop crying ever. Like you might cry through the rest of your life.

And then it's over and I take a shower and I've got no other choice but to start loving the world all over again.

Also, Go Caps! Muwhahaha.

Dysfunction Junction: said...

And if I could find time to schedule in the uncontrollable crying I think I would be doing it. For now, it's sporadic and unannounced. That makes for such fun, I tell ya.

Wake me up when we get to the loving the world again part.

Jo said...

I hate to kick you when you're down, but you do realize that your Blackhawks are never going to make it past the Wings, right? ;-)

Dysfunction Junction: said...

Jo: what have I ever done to you to spew such vitriol???

Heee...I'm kidding. Trust me, I'm one of the few lifelong/loyal Hawks fans who recognizes the fact that we may be screwed if we have to play the Red Wings.

But if anyone asks, I never said this and this conversation never happened.