Assorted Goodies

So, nothing much really happened this weekend worth writing about. Other than me telling my Grandfather to shut his trap and nearly smacking him upside the head. But, honestly? That's pretty par for the course in my fam.

Just in case any of you were sad that I haven't talked about hockey in the past few weeks...this post is for you (mostly me, but a little bit you)

I've been waiting for this to get posted and it bodes well for next season...WOOT!

While waiting for something interesting to happen, here's a short poll. Now that I'm done with school (I'm certified in Integrated Marketing ya'll!) what should I do with all this damn spare time?


Alice said...

...you mean, aside from coming to dc and drinking..?

LiLu said...

I'm with Alice. Get ready, love!

Dysfunction Junction: said...

Alright, I'll drink...sheesh! Twist my arm why don't you?

Eeeeee...I'm so excited!