It's the eye of the tiger

...it's the cream of the fight.

So, after the SUPREMELY uplifting last posts, it's time for something completely different.

In a little more than two weeks I will be going on vacay. I'm super excited because not only will this be my first time off work since March; but, I will be getting to meet some kickass ladies.

As I am staying in a swanky hotel with a rooftop pool & bar, I imagine that this is what Alice, LiLu, Cavy and myself will look like:

(sorry guys, this was the best SATC Mexico photo I could find)

Girls: can I pleeease be Miranda? I've got the cynical thing on lock.

Why the Eye of the Tiger line you ask? Because, loyal readers, Miss DJ is a bit of a lightweight when it comes to the boozin, and I simply cannot have my new friends thinking I cannot hang and only tweet about, well...non-partying things.


LiLu said...

Okay, but then I wanna be Stanford!


Alice said...

HOLLAAAA!!! dang, it's only 2 weeks away already?? sweet!

i am far too excited about this rooftop pool / bar deal. i propose we spend most of the weekend up there pretending we're in south beach or someplace that i normally associate with rooftop pool/bars.

Dysfunction Junction: said...

Absolument!!! I'm totally prepared for that. I figure museums on Friday while everyone is working, and then PARTAY!

However, must do before I leave: bikini wax...