The End is Nigh!

My hair is washed & straightened. The legs are shaven. That sound you hear? Those distant hoof beats? Why that's nothing. Just the 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Yes, blogosphere, the Rapture is upon us.

I have a date.

I'm leaving it at that for the time being. Frankly, I don't need any more jinxes than are already upon my head.

However! Please feel free to leave tips and/or positive thoughts. (Yes I need tips. I'm not particularly good at this part of life and I haven't been on one in while)

I told you I'd be back when it was good.


Anonymous said...

Just be yourself and enjoy!


Alice said...

OOOOOOOOOOOH with the brother??? did you break the news? (i probably can find all this out on twitter, can't i. work is killing me and i haven't been able to tweet. OH THE HUMANITY.)

LiLu said...

Good luck, darlin!!!

Dysfunction Junction: said...

Awww...thanks you guys!!

Alice: yes, it was with the brother and thankfully only good stories were told to him about me.