I'm almost on vacation!!! If you read here regularly or follow my tweets, you'll know that I need...uh...an escape from my life.

And so, this time tomorrow I will be in our nation's capital, attempting to get the Obama's to adopt me (although, apparently they're out of town. No one asked me.)

But nearly more important than the White House & museums is the fact that I'll be in the same city with the rockin D.C. bloggers (too numerous to name here; rest assured they are all the shiz).

I'm hoping to return home rested & rejuvenated. My liver may be worse for the wear, we'll see.


Alice said...

hurrah! you'll probably be in dc when you read this! :-)

cavy said...

rested and rejuvenated might be a stretch. you WILL have had an awesome time, though! i know i did :)

Dysfunction Junction: said...

Ladies: I cannot put into words how much fun I had this weekend.

Will now be looking for a job with "The Man" so that I can come to DC on a regular basis.


Anonymous said...

Even if I am not (and we both know I am not) an awesome DC blogger, it was fun to meet you!