It's still the greatest

A short disclaimer:

Yes, I am about a gazillion years too late to the Kings of Leon party. Yes, the title is from the song "Sex on Fire". And yes, this is going to be about sex.

Sooo, the old hanky panky as it were. I'm just going to say this.

I am not necessarily one of those girls who immediately associate emotions & feelings with sex. I do not have to be dating you for me to be having great sex with you. Sometimes that even helps.

But, despite my more, uh, liberal views on sex, I have not had sex in a WHILE. Let's just leave it at that.

And it usually doesn't bother me. But every so often, something will set my mind to it, and then I'm consumed by it. And then the sex dreams start. Then memories flood back.

I can remember the feeling you get in your throat when someone touches your collarbone for the first time.

When someone's hands make the baby fine hair on your abdomen stand up straight.

The warmth that courses through your veins when...

When well, you know....
I still have to keep some of my modesty.


Alice said...

heehee.... The Sex Post! w00t! :-)

but, yeah. been there. and, uh, actually wrote about it earlier this year i think? it's when the term Bicep Sex was coined (and it came about because i kept fantasizing about having sex with, like, EVERY GUY i came into contact with). in other words: totally know whatchoo mean.

Sizzle said...

Juuuust great. Now I am thinking about sex.

Suburban Sweetheart said...

Perhaps I should stop having sex with people I'm not dating. Or perhaps I should just be glad for the sex.

Dysfunction Junction: said...

Alice: I remember the Bicep Sex post fondly. I think that's what pushed me past my mortification about posting about sex.

Sizzle: Why should I be the only one?? Welcome!

SS: NOOOOO!! Do not stop the having of the the sex. Trust me. And not dating sex is the best kind.

LiLu said...


That is all.

Dysfunction Junction: said...

LiLu: Somehow, I just knew you'd like it.

Dmbosstone said...

I'm a guy. I think about sex every four seconds.