That, is the sound of a siren.

Because my last post may have been a bit alarmist. I'm fine. Thanks to all who worried about me, I'm sorry to have made you fret.

Truth is, not much has changed since the last time I whined about things.

Mah girl Lemmonex has got herself a new gig. Please go & congratulate her. Then come back to me.

So, I have been new job searching in earnest since October 2008. I have not had ONE interview. NOT ONE. The reason I bring up Lemmonex is because her new job was like someone dumping a bucket of ice water on my head.

I have been in denial of my job hunting efforts.
"Oh, but I have great networking contacts."
"My LinkedIn is so on!"
"The economy sucks."

And so on and so forth.

I'm Type A. I refuse to believe that there is not a way for my to manage this better. I internalize this. It has to be something I'm doing wrong.

The problem is, that's where the thoughts stop. I don't have any line on the horizon. I can't see where this ends. I cannot see my finish line.

And it's torturing me.


Lemmonex said...

Ugh. I know. It is awful. Seriously, just because I am really happy I found something awesome, doesn't mean the search didn't suck. It really did.

Have you considered a recruiter?