No....not the band. Though, they do rock.

Sometimes I can get so wrapped up in my own shit, I forget that other people struggle too. They have goals and dreams, often much loftier & more inspiring than my own.

But life can be hard. How does one keep moving forward? Sometimes it feels as though life is designed to make you question yourself. If you know you love something and that's where you should be, what do you do when it seems like you'll never get there?

Do you change tacks? Maybe go in a different direction?

Sometimes even that feels like you're quitting.

What if you feel like putting the ol' "nose to the grindstone" is wearing you down?

What if you can't actually get to "Point A" from "Point Z"? What if you're supposed to stop in the middle, breathe & stay there for a bit?

How do you keep going? How do you even know when you get there?


12minds said...

Good post and I wish I had some answers or insight for you. I'm regularly torn between Hemingway's "Never confuse motion for action", and a dorky anime quote I took to heart - "Look forward, go forward. Never stand still. Retreat and you will age."

The simple truth is that our dreams are our dreams. We either wake up every day and do our damndest to make them real or we let them slip by and fade. You keep going because you want it more than anything else.

As far as knowing when we get there? I'm pretty sure there's an 8-bit chorus like in the video games...right?

Dysfunction Junction: said...

I was hoping for a choir of angels singing, "you're here heifer, you can stop pushing."

I do like the Hemingway quote. I do worry that I am just in motion. Like I'm being propelled by something that I have no input on.

As far as dreams, crap, I'll let you know if I ever figure out what mine are.

Alice said...

i find it's helpful not to HAVE any big dreams :-) it was sort of a sucky realization, but once i was ok with THAT - like, i don't have any real huge ambitions in life; i'm pretty happy always living in the present - well! it's a lot easier to fulfill non-dreams. so: shallow? perhaps. am i happy? yup ;-)

Dysfunction Junction: said...

Alice my love...that is not shallow at all. I do my best to have dreams, which may be different from my goals, but they're both very fluid.

My hopes are so different from what they were even 6 months ago.

I don't really know what that has to do with your comment, I just felt like I needed to nod my head along with you.