Feliz Aniversario Fucker!

Well that's an awfully strong title isn't it?

You know what? It's totally suitable. As The Moms just reminded me (which she didn't need to, I haven't forgotten) this is the one year anniversary of Wallace. If you would like to read a little background, you can go here or here. I don't talk much about him because I don't like being the "sick" girl.

One year ago, I was scared shitless. One year ago I sat on my floor and sobbed.

One year ago, I knew that it wasn't serious, but I didn't know WHAT HE WAS.

I knew my life had changed forever. Thanks to that little fucker, I can't leave a job I don't like. Because I can't get insurance otherwise. Thanks to him, I've got a pre-existing condition.

I wish I could say "thanks to him, I embrace my life and am thankful, blah blah..." To be honest, if he disappeared tomorrow, I wouldn't think twice about him.

I'd live my life exactly the same way.

(If you'd like to see photos of the little jackass, let me know....there are certain people who are very important to me who don't want to hear or see anything about him)


Marie said...

I have to say after you told me everything about Wallace, I have nothing but admiration for you. To face something like this is scary. But you faced Wallace and clearly said you are going to live your life and yeah, it's cliche to say "good for you!" But you know what? YAY FOR YOU! You can go suck it Wallace, DJ is way more awesome and stomps all over you.


p.s. Thanks for sharing the picture!

Anonymous said...

Wallace can kiss my ass in a major way (am I too new of a reader to say that?). If so, just tell me and I'll back off....

Alice said...

ummm. hi. maybe i should check my reader more than once a week?? i blame thanksgiving.

i think we should buy apples / water balloons / small crochety appliances / whatever and name them all wallace. then smash or otherwise destroy them. it would be karmic, or something! all "dear banana, i hereby christen you wallace. and now i POUND YOU TO MUSH WITH THIS HAMMER." you know, just so wallace knows where he stands.